I am Gbemisola and this story is one that wouldn’t pass without drawing blood or leaving me with scars.

I dated my ex for 5 years, and he never proposed. Then I ditched him for another man and now we’re successfully married.

Some months ago my husband lost his job, and things have never been the same. I have been catering for the family, but my salary is never enough.

My ex is quite rich now and also influential.

So one fateful day the situation got so bad, my son got admitted into the hospital and needed a huge amount in order for treatment to commence. I felt my world shudder in recoil. I  didn’t have a dime on me and time was precious. I didn’t know when I searched out my ex’s contact and gave him a call.

He asked that I meet him and I did. He gave me some money and I left. But my son’s complication got worse and I had to return to my ex.

He was unmarried still. Visited him in his house and one thing led to another. We had sex, after which he gave me some money. It was stupid, not even the best time for that, But we did. I still love him.

I offseted the bills for my son and everything returned to normal.

I got pregnant on that day. My child is 3 years old now, and the resemblance with my ex cannot be mistaken.

He knows it’s his and now he’s demanding that he wants the child, cuz it’s an abomination for him to be alive and have another man raise his seed.

I am so confused.

So torn and distressed

What do I do?

I need your help and advice.

©Nonnie Roberson
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