We are doing this just for you!!!

Many of you have been calling and inquiring about the ministries products. For those who were not able to get products at the conference, these products will be available at the Abuja moms Trade fair at Area 8, Old Parade ground on the 12th to 14th of April,2018. We have limited quantities left. Come to Stand

Daily Devotional: Be fruitful and Multiply is a daily devotional designed to help us build intimacy with God through the study of His word. It’s simple and easy to understand, with easy to grasp scripture interpretations and exposition. Be fruitful and multiply lives unto its true billing as constant use leaves us true ambassadors of Christ.

Conspiracy Against The Woman: For so long, the woman has been tricked out of her rightful place in God’s agenda, by the devil. This revelational and revolutionary book, was inspired by the Holy Spirit to realign the woman as God’s battle axe. The newest in Mama Nonnie’s kitty, grab one and take your place in destiny,Both for your sake and your children’s sakes. You’d be glad you did.

None Shall Be Barren: A book birthed by the Holy Spirit through Prophetess Nonnie, to crush barrenness in every ramification of the word. Do you want to be productive in every area of life? Them “NONE SHALL BE BARREN” is a must have.

T-shirts: A wise man once said “Dress as you want to be addressed”. Our T-shirts come with different scriptures; as much as you carry these scriptures around, they would soon become your reality. Use them as point of contacts to your manifestation.

Oil of The Land: Mama Nonnie was given a specific revelation by God, concerning the kind of oil we use as anointing oil. The oil of the land comes already with medicinal properties, and is sourced from our own soil. Testimonies are on its trail.

Souvenirs: Pens, jotters. Key holders, handkerchiefs are all available to be used as points of contact to the signs and wonders that are the hallmark of SHA/G.


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