Sisters,please help, i am in trouble

I gave my life to the Christ few months ago and I started going to this small, african church. I was met by this young woman  and she gave me a flyer to come to her church.I said o.k not knowing that my life was about to change.

I went to the church and right and after service the pastor cut off all conversations to come and meet me.I was trying to leave pretty fast because I wasn’t used to the church environment. He asked me if I want to go to the movies with him and his wife.I said o.k.That’s how it all started.

He started calling me everyday,I told him my life story and all my problems.He started to pick me up and just talk to me about my life. Over the next month he became like a boyfriend only without sex

He started coming to my apartment everyday and he started to “play” with me.he would touch me everywhere and I wouldn’t touch him back.I started to have feelings for him,he had just gotten married a couple of months before and he told me that if he knew me that he would have married me.I was blown away by the fact that a a man of God could like me.I began to see him as my boyfriend in a way. I didn’t date anyone or allow guys to even approach me.

Recently I was at his house  and out of no-where he kissed me . I wasn’t expecting it. I don’t want to have feelings for him but I do.He laid me down and began to unbutton my clothes. I ended up sleeping with him.

I love God and i know i should have stopped myself when i had the chance. he says that I am connected to his anointing. Now i am pregnant. Should i tell his wife, what do i do, i am confused


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