Good evening ma, the Lord continue to bless you for your work in the women in clergy group.So all these stories are true. I say so because I am going through one at the moment. Although,it has not escalated to pregnancy. My husband is a pastor. So many people call him for prayers and usually comes back with testimonies. But I have had to complain about the nature of some calls and the timing especially from ladies. But he gets angry at such instances. There’s this lady that was calling him for prayers and later I noticed the calls increased. They were calling to check out on each other and he deletes her number from the call log immediately,not knowing that I do see the number most times before he picks. I didn’t complain or say anything. But today, I saw them together,he has a bike he uses if he is not going to work,so he was carrying her and I saw them. He wanted to dodge but I saw them first and looked away. Only for him to come back home and started abusing me that he was talking to me that I ignored him. I explained to him that I was driving and cars were behind me, I couldn’t stop and I didn’t know he was talking to me. He then said,it was in the presence of a stranger. He lied. He doesn’t know that I know the lady so well. Through it all,i kept quiet and apologized. Do you think I should let him know I know the lady and that I know she is the one always calling him? Or I should just keep quiet and pretend I don’t know anything while still praying for him?

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