Good morning ma, i am writing to you in tears. i became born again few months ago although before that, i had lived a sinful life.i was trying to get away from that and move on .i wanted  a new life,but the problem was i had to leave the brothel i was working since i couldnt continue working for them, i decided to take shelter in one of these big churches. i started attending their programs regularly,sweeping and cleaning so i could stay there.

one day the senior pastor approached me and suggested to me that i could stay with them, he said he and his wife were willing to accommodate me, it was music to my ears. i thanked in and moved in. To cut the long story short,it was not long i moved in,the pastor started making sexual advances towards me. At first i thought it to be him caring and was being fatherly. i was wrong,not long though, i fell for him, Mum i am so ashamed and i slept with him.

Everything became worse one night while i was sleeping in my room, i heard the door open gently, i decided in my mind that if it was the pastor this night, i would not agree as i was already feeling guilty but could not resist him. but behold. it was not the pastor but the wife. i asked her what she was doing in my room.she told me she had always admired me. she removed her clothes. i was so surprised and even more i was shocked. Mama she had her way with me that night. i have become a sex machine in the house.Both the pastor and his wife are sleeping with me. i am in bondage. i find out i can’t  resist them.i do not know what is wrong with me. i do not know where to go from here. what should i do?. i cannot even pray.please help me

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