You can call me Elsie for now, I am twenty-one and am I attend a private school here in Nigeria. I met Susan when she was really in need. She tutored me at school, assisted me with my school works and assignment moreover she was my roommate at school but most importantly she was damn brilliant.
Things weren’t working well for her widowed mother and raising her and her other siblings’ fees was much of a challenge amidst other challenges. Being the thoughtful friend, I taught I could provide assistance so I spoke at length with my parents about her issues and they decided to help.
I took her home about two weeks later, as a result my parent gave her accommodation in one of the guest rooms. We got accustomed to each other and soon enough we became too friendly. Spending all our time together, we even drove back and forth from school every day together.
About eight months ago things started to get weird with Susan. She started having blank time frames that she couldn’t properly account for. In addition she became quite elusive, I guess I never noticed until things started coming together.
Last weekend while I was heading out to school for tutorials. I offered Susan a ride to school so we could go together, but she declined insisting she needed to see her sick mom. I even offered to take her nevertheless she persisted and told me I would be late.
Fortunately, tutorials were cancelled as a result I got home early. I really don’t know what took me there but I went to Susan’s room where I discovered daddy having sex with my best friend but they didn’t see me standing  by the corridor.
I tried talking to Susan but she insisted that I was imagining things furthermore nothing happened. I was so burnt that night that I went to confront my father privately but he flared up saying that I was accusing him of being unfaithful to his wife and warned me to mind my business.
At this moment I am so conflicted about what to do? My mom adores this girl, she thinks she’s the ideal daughter, she even tells me to be more like her and out rightly compares the both of us. My mum has had serious medical complications over the years most importantly, I am afraid of what this news might do to her if I tell her lastly once everything is out they might stop helping her.
This betrayal really hurts, I was trying to help but she’s breaking my family apart and I don’t know what to do. I really want this girl to be out of my family’s life and pray all this shame would be washed way.Mama,please help me, should i tell my mother?
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