Talking about Nigerian fashion styles for ladies, Ankara wears comes to mind. Ankara was not African-born even though it looks the opposite as we have colonized it (i see you o, oya please close your mouth).

I did grow up seeing Ankara around me, my mother used it to back me when I was young and I also used it as cover cloth (thanks to our mothers that sew iro and buba then).

Ankara was useful for many things don’t get me wrong it is still useful. I even tie it to the bathroom as my towel (don’t wrinkle your nose, i no say no be only me waka come).

One of the amazing things about Ankara aspect of fashion and style is it features any form of style from the formal to the casual to what have you.

Peplum tops are not excluded when we talk about fashion and style. It can be made with Ankara or other materials but I would not bore so easily with my Ankara peplum top as I would with some other material peplum top, so pardon me if it is on my list of latest Ankara styles.

Ankara Gowns

Oh! Dear, they are not going anywhere so quit wearing those skirts and trousers already and try them out.

Don’t bother about your figure, Ankara gowns fit anybody as you can sew it in whatever style you want.

Yes o, the bell sleeves are still trending. An ankara gown turned to a top, another advantage of having an ankara gown…lol.

Front open slit styles give your dress this sexy look and besides, you find it easier to walk (don’t tell anybody I said that).

Off Shoulders Fashion Styles

Off-shoulders no wan gree comot for fashion and style. This is a beautiful wedding gown inspired Ankara gown below:


Not only are off-shoulders not detaching from fashion and style, dramatic sleeves are setting up more tents.

The cold shoulders sleeves are beautiful on dresses or tops. If you don’t like the off-shoulder thingy possibly because you don’t feel comfortable with your bony neck like me then try this out…I mean its revealing your shoulders without showing your neck…*winks*.

Fringes do give our clothes another look but we love them like that. You can add them to any part of your dress just be creative with it and you will love it. Here is an example of it on the sleeves.



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