Hi ma, pls post this for prayers. I got married 2013. I read of a sister the husband does not care about. My husband since we got married I have never experienced anything like affection ,love ,romance ,nothing, the mum wants to control everything. My husband has not slept with me for 2 years now. We have a baby who he doesnt care about much. I just found out he has been cheating on me with a widow who has a son. When I saw their chat they virtually live together. The way he cares for her,and talks to her on the phone, Buys things for her but I have to beg and cry for him to give me money. He finds it difficult to buy his son’s cloths. I went through his conversation with her and from their conversation it seems the lady has visited him from Abuja to hiss base in America. I asked him and he denied but started comparing me with her, supporting her. Locked his phone with password. They call ,chat and they video call. She sends pictures everything I can think of. And he will be oppressing me. So cold and distant. I dont know if he is planning to kick me out and marry her. It’s too much. He doesnt allow me to go out. Mix with people . Always comparing me with the lady. All my body pains and panic attacks pls post it for prayers. The issue is muccccccccchhhhh that I cant explain detail by detail. He told me he doesnt want me making my hair and wants me to cut my hair which I did but he keeps praising the woman with her look and hairdo……..I want the lord Jesus to scatter them and restore my husband and father of my child and change us. Heal us if he can show so much affection for her like that that I was so shocked to know he can speak like that to her of which from the day we got married till now I have not experienced . My mum in law controls everything, i dont know what to do,should i back out from the marriage. I am in tears!!!

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