No, Christianity is not a religion. Christianity is a way of life.

The Acts of the Apostles document it that the disciples were first called Christians at Antioch. Please note that Jesus never gave his disciples any collective name / title / description, neither did he leave any instruction to that effect. He simply called them “disciples”. All the Pharisees, Sadicees, etc..cees at the time of Jesus never referred to Jesus / His disciples as Christians.

When Jesus was on earth, the focus was on Him – He was the center of attraction. He was the one who won the popularity contest among his disciples. If fact, He almost couldn’t be publicly identified / picked out from the disciples, thats why Judas was recruited to give “the real Jesus” a kiss – so that the right person could be arrested. Jesus was the one who preached the sermons, He was the one who healed the sick and raised the dead, He was the one who fed the hungry, He was the one who performed all the miracles. The Phariceess, Saducees, and all other religious leaders at that time listened to Jesus’ teachings, they knew there was a man named Jesus. And for every little thing that happened amongst the disciples, they came back to Jesus for the next step forward. Nobody bothered about the disciples. Jesus was the focus, not His disciples – not Peter, not James, not John, not even Judas who betrayed him.

And after Jesus went up into Heaven, His disciples were said to have continued “daily in the temple” just like Jesus did; living day in and out, just like Jesus did. Their actions, in-actions, interests, speech, association, physical appearance, spiritual state of mind; whatever attracted their attention, whatever sustained / repelled their interest, everything about their everyday life must have so resembled that of Jesus that the people at Antioch could not call them by any other name. If the disciples have deviated from the Jesus lifestyle, their immediate environment of people won’t have called them Christians.

The citizens at Antioch, after observing the lifestyle of these disciples nicknamed them Christians. I wonder: they could have thought that the name “Christian”, where the word “Christ” was inclusive(the starting point) was the most appropriate description of whatever observations they(‘Antiochites’) gathered about the disciples. The only thing that crossed the mind of the people at Antioch as they observed the disciples was the name “Christ”. The disciples must have talked, walked, preached, healed the sick, raised the dead, cast out demons, lived publicly and privately exactly like Jesus – to be named after Him.

Christianity is not a religion, it is a lifestyle: a lifestyle that is synonymous to that of Jesus; a lifestyle that reminds the world around us of just one man – Jesus; a lifestyle that reminds people of Calvary, the He who was crucified on it and the reason why He died; one that points them to the cross; a lifestyle of love and actions that spell good and favor toward all; a lifestyle of of openness, forgiveness, longsuffering, peace and harmony towards all men. Christianity is a lifestyle that seeks to do the will of God the Father – to obey God rather than men. Christianity is a lifestyle that loves to the end; one that isn’t self serving, one that seeks no revenge to wrong-doers; one that seeks to give without expecting returns – the life of sacrifice, the lifestyle of Jesus.

And is this lifestyle really new? Was it Jesus that started it? No. Several people who lived before Jesus had pleased God with their lives.

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