My sincere thanks and appreciation goes to everyone who contributed to the success of our Outreach program by way of giving and prayers

we got to the community chosen by the team for ministration.

I have never seen a cluster of widows in a community with many orphans. I realized there is a quarry right in the midst of this community and the air was cloudy.
The amount of pollution, stone dust from dynamites used for explosions as the rocks were broken down made our eyes red.Our noses started itching.All the cars got covered with stone dust including our bodies. I wondered how people lived with such pollution.It was indeed a death den.It also explained why there were so many widows and orphans.

As soon as we arrived naked children trooped down and before you knew it,the whole community had gathered around us to be ministered to.We started sharing, clothes, Rice, food stuffs,they wept, prayed and we’re so full of joy.The women, youths,old – everyone got something.

Christmas had finally come to the community :JOYFUL CHILDREN

The childrens’ eyes left a deep impression in my heart.The toys! The toys! The toys!.
Nothing mattered to the children as much as the toys.No matter how broken the toys were,once they got toys they dropped there clothes and their eyes twinkled.They clutched on to the toys as though it was their life.We cried and we smiled at such joy from the toys.

I thought I had finished, but a new vision has been born. So many orphans couldn’t go to school last term as a result of non payment of fees. The school fees is N3.500,less than $10. We are compiling the names of all the orphans that couldn’t go back to school. Will you adopt one by just paying their school fees. A picture of the child will be sent to you with the report card send to you.N3.500, pays school per term, fees, books, uniforms.

The next passion is Toy drive for children who cannot afford toys.Please we will accept used toys,your children are no longer using,we will wash and disinfect them. You can also send new toys.

We collect used clothes for male, female, and children

Clear your house up and anything you haven’t used in a while and we shall take them.Your trash is a treasure to someone.

We intend to do this every month.You and your organization can partner with us with your monthly, quarterly or just do a one time donation

The recession is real.Hunger,poverty is real.Many are dying. Our government has failed us.We cant wait on them any more.
Together we can touch lives, together we can make a difference.

We are planning our back to school outreach.We need you.We need used books, Toys, food stuff,Rice,Money.

We have widows and children who we could not minister to that we have to go back for.

Eg.1.Mrs Mattew is a widow with 6 children,she sells sand from the quarry and firewood.None of her children were able to go back to school.Their ages are from 12yrs to 2yrs.They now assist their mum in carrying sad,inhaling the sand dust just to be able to eat once a day.

Eg. 2.Stella,tapped me,I turned to behold her big brown eyes,sunken to the socket, she said -“Aunty I like school.I want to go to school please” On inquiring further,I learnt she is an orphan under the care of an aged grand mother who has been beaten by the toll of age, hardship, hunger,poverty and unable to care for herself talkless of four orphaned grand children.I was told Stella hangs around the widows peeping at her classmates while taking notes and listening to teachers…. It’s obvious stella loves school

Eg.3 As I write this, the picture of this old woman,crippled,running towards us,but unfortunately by the time she got to us we have exhausted the bags of rice we brought. They simply call her Mama.

Mama is a widow,due to her crippled leg, and hunger she couldn’t get to us on time.She was from the neighbouring community.She had heard that Angels are visiting the neighbouring community, she summoned her last strength and found us in the car,ready to drive off.

Mama threw herself on the floor and let out this heart piercing cry.I promised Mama,though what we brought is finished but that we will come back and see her specifically the next day

Eg 4.We were unable to see 2 widows, I was told were very sick and couldn’t come out. We shall visit the community yet again

We need your help to be able to minister to all these children and women in distress.

Special thanks to my Darling Sister and friend Dr Zainab Shinkafi Bagudu, wife of Kebbi state Governor she provided top quality toys,books,clothes and coincidentally her husband HE Abubakar Atiku Bagudu, Executive Governor of Kebbi state, instilled the passion of Prision ministry in me. I remember vividly while I was on a casual visit with them,just talking about life and things generally,He said Nonnie there are people languishing in prison who committed petty crimes but lack people to pay their fines for them. A light came on ,I promised him and myself to do it. My team and I have been doing it, it has been rewarding.

Special thanks to Dr Chizoba wonodi, Wava they provided moral support,dry foods etc .May God richly bless you.

The whatsapp fruitfulness group, God will visit each and everyone of you, by this time next year, you shall all hold your babies.

BT Thomas,God bless you for the wonderful role you played. Your heart for humanity,Prompt Home Health,God bless you.

The formidable team coordinated by Theodore Olaye, Abiola Fashina,Isioma Dogo, and Sunny Mark. I thank Everyone that prayed,contributed ,assisted in any way. The lord bless and replenish.
MONEY DONATION:To send us monetary support for our upcoming outreaches please send your donation to:

Bank name: New Wine Outpouring outreach ministry.
Bank account: Zenith bank PLC
Account Number:1013800436

E-MAIL FOR DONATION Specifics :You can also send us an email to tell us which of our outreach projects you want to specifically give towards.Please send your email to: [email protected]

To donate food items,clothing and toys please call us to schedule a pick up on : +234 8172682452

May God richly bless you.


Nonnie Roberson
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