CHRIST ON THE STREET…………………………………Christ beyond the walls of the church. Hallelujah!!!

For some time now, the lord has been dealing with me on the issue of taking him out of the box and take him to the streets. The burden has continually grown by the day even as I attempted to dialogue with HIM.The heart of our Father bleeds, as the harvest is ripe,but there are few or no laborers.

Our main focus in Nigeria in ministry today remains on church growth and all we are doing is just recycling members from church to church.Evangelism is now done strictly for church expansion & growth and not for soul winning and discipleship.

Many Shepherds now gather Moronic sheep, brain wash them,make then idol worship them and feed fat off them.There is very little true conversions.The children of the world do not know the father, who loves them so much and is yearning for them because his children do not look like him anymore.They have forgotten what he looks like.They have looked in the mirror and walked away and forgotten how they should look like.

Surprisingly, the last time Jesus went to Church was on his way to calvary and when he got there he was appalled by what he saw that he had to flog the Religious leaders.

When the holy spirit fell for the first time,on the day of Pentecost,it fell on only those in the upper room. Those who had listened to his instructions and where waiting for him.. just as he has instructed.

Don’t be deceived by Moronic crowds filling our Churches now. Our dispensation has not yet witnessed Revival…. Yet all the hypes, programs upon programs… With one goal of escorting money from Clueless brainwashed crowd.

There is a Revival coming….. But it will start on the street.

Jesus is waiting at the banquet and has sent our invitations and everyone is roo busy handling their own businesses instead of his own business so it is time to go to the streets to do the Masters business and and compel them to come too him.

All I keep hearing constantly now is ‘ take me to the streets…. Take me to the streets;Take me to the Highways and Byways;Take me outside the four walls of the church were they have put me in a box;Take me out of the box;Take me outside their Edifices and Monuments they call church.Take me to the people who desperately need me and are crying daily and dieing because they cannot get to me!Take me to the streets!”

Instead of caging my children within the four walls every Sunday, take me to those that for whatever reason can Not or will not come to their structure or Edifices.

Some of my children who love me are in the hospital and incarcerated; take me to them.Many don’t know me yet;They are on drugs, in the Clubs, on the street prostituting, in the Bars, joints, still involved in different types of crime…. take me to them

Many are are wounded, hurt tired with Religion, nothing will bring them to the so called churches, because they are sick and tired of all the games and gimmicks… take my love to them.

Daughter part of your assignment this season is to take me to the streets , high ways, by ways, joints and the time is now!!!

If you have a witness in your heart about the Masters cry and call I invite you to join hands with us to actualize this mandate.

Christ on the street…..Christmas outreach.
Dec 18/19th. This is not about denominationthis is God’s business, kingdom business.Hallelujah !!!

Christ beyond the walls….Souls, souls, and More souls.

The Christmas Outreach
Dec 18:
Widows/orphans outreach.

We need Bibles,used clothes,toys,Dry food stuff,Rice,Beans,Maggi etc

Toy drive to terminally sick children in Hospitals
Dec 19th: Children,s party for Babies,children in Prison whose only crime is to be born by incarcerated parents
Release of Prisoners who committed Hunger driven crimes and are unable to meet their bail bonds.

What the ministry needs;
Bible,food stuff,children’s clothes,used clothes,party packs, money, your involvement by physically availing yourself and participating.

If you wish to donate materials please contact me to schedule pick up/ delivery of the items before …

If you wish to give cash towards these programs our
Bank Account for payment;
Bank:Zenith Bank PLC
Name:New Wine Outpouring outreach ministry.
Acnt Number:1013800436.

Thank you on behalf of our Lord Jesus Christ for partnering with him to take CHRIST ON THE STREET

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